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About Red Vice

Red Vice is a corporate swiss army knife for digital rights management, software engineering, security, server processing power & storage, and infrastructure design. Our objective is to provide our clients with robust and secure environments while supplying them with extensible and versatile resources. Our products, frameworks, and public APIs are well documented.

2 Satisfied Clients
5 Released Projects
100 Hours Of Support
4 Dedicated Engineers

Security, Software, and Infrastructure

Gold standard security solutions to prevent code modification, unwarranted debugging, and reverse engineering of software.
Unparalleled administration utilities to easily set-up secure and limited user access environments with our quintessential server infrastructure.


Personalized Development

Our software, utilities, and solutions will be customized to suit your requests.

Responsive Team

The team will swiftly respond to any inquiries and deal with situations related to our software.

Innovative Projects

We are always building and acting on new ideas to deliver innovative projects.

Superb Documentation

We document as we work. Already existing and new features will be provided with clear documentation for all accessible content.

Powerful Frameworks

The frameworks provided by us will have dynamic packaging and upgrading with security and stability in mind. It will expose you to powerful APIs and set-up systems already tailored to your needs.

User Experience

Our software and frameworks are profiled for performance and are optimized to not affect users. Users will have detailed information about the software provided to them.

Call to Action

Contact us about any inquiries so you can get started with acquiring gold standard security and digital rights management solutions as well as access to our versatile utility toolkit.

Meet our team

Jason Information Security Director

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Jason is a software security engineer that specializes in analyzing digital rights management solutions as well as developing them. He has worked with multiple clients on developing a robust and game-agnostic anti-cheat framework with strong user-mode security features.

John Technology Director

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John M. Harris is a software engineer & architect, system administrator, and a server manager. He specializes with information technology and works frequently with GNU/Linux operating systems.

Ryan Software Engineer

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Ryan has long had an interest in software development, computer security, data compression, and linguistics—and particularly their intersections. He specializes in reverse engineering proprietary file formats and protocols as well as video encoding, but has a broad range of expertise.

Charlie Software Engineer

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Charlie is a software engineer as well as a reverse engineer. His expertise is in security and exploitation. He has found various types of vulnerabilities in corporate software such as format string exploits. He also programs secure software.

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